11th March

This week the children enjoyed a visit by two feathered friends from  Suffolk Owl Sanctuary.

In phonics we have been working on the 'ew' phoneme - ew - new, chew, u-e - tube, cube, u - uniform, unicycle, unique, ue - rescue, statue and then we found that the same letters sometimes make an 'oo' sound, ew- flew, grew, u-e - rude, prune, ue - blue, glue, true, oo - moon, food, o - to, do.

We have also been working on reading and spelling the 'tricky' words.

In maths we are still working with numbers to 50, the children have been practising counting in 10's and moving on to counting in 2's this week, next week we will practise counting in 2's and move on to counting in 5's. Any practise you can do on this at home would be great.

In science we have been classifying animals and sorting them in to groups - mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. The children worked in groups to research and find out about one of these groups of animals and then went on to make an information poster with their findings.