7th Jan

We have been getting back into routine this week and reminding ourselves of the 'Golden Rules' and how to earn points!

Our main topic for this term will be learning about animals. We have started our new 'Power of Reading' English work this week, our focus book is 'The Emperor's Egg', so we have been finding out lots of things about Emperor penguins and Antarctica. We have been using adjectives to try to improve our sentences and have been talking about what we did and didn't like about the book and thinking of questions we would like to find the answer to. We worked out that an adult male Emperor Penguin is about the same height as Mrs Elvin!  We have also been learning about the life-cycle of a penguin. We also painted some icy background pictures using cold colours.

For this years Aldeburgh Art competition, the theme is 'Extraordinary Adventures', so we have been thinking about what exciting adventure we might like to go on and then have been creating our pictures using oil pastels and brusho ink and then adding pictures we have drawn and cut out on top.

The children are really enjoying their gymnastics with Mr Calver on a Thursday morning and this week got changed in record time!

In maths we are working on place value and teen numbers.

In phonics we have been finding out all the different ways to make the 'ai' sound - ai, ay, a_e, eigh, ey, a, ae and ea - no wonder it is so difficult to learn to read and spell! We have been learning about 'split digraphs' and practising using a_e in words like cake, made, flame. Ask your child if they can explain to you what a split digraph is!

Mr Thorne does phonics a - e

alphablocks  a - e

Antarctica facts for kids

Emperor Penguins

Octonauts and the Emperor Penguins