8th October

We had an exciting start to the week this week, with Pauline Lucas coming in to do some Art work with us for 'The Big Draw' festival. Pauline brought in lots of old toys for us to look at and draw.

In phonics we have been learning that there are different ways of making the same sound, this week we have been working on the phonemes 'ai' and 'ay' and 'oi' and 'oy'. We found out that 'ai' is usually found in the middle of a word, like snail, raining, painted and 'ay' usually comes at the end of words like  day, play and tray. Similarly 'oi' is usually in the middle of words like oil, coin, toilet and 'oy' at the end of words like boy, toy, but sometimes 'oy' can be in the middle of words like 'royal'.

In maths we have been working on simple addition and using 'part, whole' models.

In English the children ordered pictures and made up a story about a little boy losing his teddy. Later in the week they had to plan their own simple story about losing their toy, thinking about characters and the setting, the problem and the ending, which they then made into their own little books!

Our science work at the moment is focusing on the seasons and this week we went for a walk around school to look out for signs of Autumn, we found autumn coloured leaves, pinecones, conkers and berries and enjoyed throwing sycamore keys into the air and watching them twirl down like helicopters.

We also had a lovely Autumnal story called 'Leaf Man' and then used the leaves we collected on our Autumn walk to make our own 'Leaf Men'.