Whole School Council

At Wickham Market Primary School our School Council is made up of elected Year 6 pupils who represent the voice of the pupils in each class - feeding back to a full council meeting. The councillors for the current year and the classes they represent are:

Nursery: Samuel and Olivia

Reception/Year 1: Harvey K and Paige

Year 1/2: Tilly and Robbie

Year 3/4: Harvey P and Louis

Year 4/5: Robert and Ellie

Year 6: Lennon and McKenzie

Secretary: Janis

Chairman: Ben K

To date they have:

  • given feedback on the on the new catering company for our school lunches
  • provided feedback on waiting area when arriving for school¬†
  • delivered an assembly on the new play equipment and the expectations of looking after the equipment
  • agreed a theme for supporting Children In Need


Their contributions for the year 2015-2016 included:

  • Talking to governors about their views of the school.
  • Working with the Wickham Market School Association (WMSA) on improving play times & choosing equipment.
  • Deciding on animal names for sports day (Sharks, Cheetah, Fox and Lizard).
  • Asking the Buddy Cupboard to be painted so children don't get messy when choosing equipment.
  • Submitting questions to EATS to ask the new Head of Kitchen such as, 'How do you make sure your chips are not soggy?'
  • Organising Rotas for Football and Basketball.
  • Being able to eat Packed Lunches outside. Furthermore, for the Hot Dinner children to be able to have their lunch outside.
  • Deciding on where to place the Buddy Bench, what colour it should be? etc.
  • That we will have Play Leaders during every break so that all children have someone to play with if they want.
  • Helping the school decide what after-school clubs we could have.
  • Being able to move between classrooms during wet play times.
  • Changing the activities for Golden Time.
  • Asking for more Christmas Trees around the school in December.

Currently the children are also keen on a School Pet Day so we will be working towards getting pets into school at some point over the year.