Year 6 (end of KS2) Tests

From 2016, KS2 national curriculum test outcomes will no longer be reported using levels. Scaled scores will be used instead.  There will only be one set of tests for each subject. The tests will include a small number of questions designed to assess the most able pupils so separate tests, such as the previous level 6 tests, are no longer required. The mental mathematics test has been replaced with an arithmetic test.

The KS2 tests consist of:

English reading: reading booklet and associated answer booklet (1 hour for 3 texts)
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: short answer questions (45 mins)
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling (15 mins)
Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic (30 mins)
Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning (40 mins)
Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning (40 mins)

Year 6 SAT Timetable 2019

The following tests will be administered on the days noted. Tests will normally take place in the morning.
Monday 13th May
Tuesday 14th May
Wednesday 15th May 
Thursday 16th May 

We will report your child's raw score and scaled score at the end of the Summer Term.


Avocet Academy believe that moderation is key in developing high expectations of children's work and also a teacher's professional development through dialogue with peers. We hold regular moderation with staff from both within and from outside of the Academy including Year 6 moderation with our partner Secondary Schools.

Marking and Feedback

We aim to provide feedback to children through marking so that they have specific advice about how to improve to their work. Children are given time to read and review their work following marking and respond to teacher feedback. Where possible staff will discuss work with a child. In this case we will mark (VF) for Verbal Feedback in their books. We believe that discussing work with pupils is one of the best ways to address misconceptions (on both sides) and so move learning on.