Design and Technology

We are surrounded by a world that has been designed and made. We often take these products that we use in our everyday lives for granted, never stopping to consider that someone has planned and created, chosen specific shapes and materials in order for the item to be fully functional and fit for purpose. Through Design and Technology we aim to make our children aware and appreciative of this and we teach them to become designers and makers in their own right.

Design and Technology is a practical subject that gives children the opportunity to be imaginative and creative; valuing new ideas and bringing new solutions to problems. Valuable life skills are developed as our pupils learn to take risks, show flexibility in adapting their original ideas, and work as individuals or as part of a team. All year groups participate in cooking, teaching children about healthy diets, food preparation, cooking techniques and about where our food comes from.

As pupils progress through the school they develop a repertoire of skills, knowledge and understanding in materials (including food), structures, mechanisms and electrical systems. They learn to use tools and equipment safely and with increasing levels of sophistication and accuracy. They learn to evaluate and analyse products, considering how a design works and fulfils its function. Combining these designing and making skills with their expanding knowledge and understanding enables the children to turn their ideas into real creations.