Mathletics has many aspects from quick fire calculations, times table music videos and interactive tutorials in line with the maths topics covered in the primary curriculum. This page will show you how you can support your child in using Mathletics at home.

All children in year 1-6 have access to Mathletics through their own username and password and these can found in their homework books. Mathletics gives them access to all the mathematical games, resources and activities. If your child does not have a username and password please contact the class teacher who can organise setting one up for them.

Mathletics activities may occasionally be used as exercises in school. Mathletics activities may be set by the class teacher for homework. Once logged on, your child will not have access to all the games and activities until the given homework activities have been completed. It is important that children do their best in these activities as the scores are stored and can be viewed by the class teacher.

For children who do not have access to the internet at home, the school runs a lunchtime club. This is available for both KS1 and KS2 pupils.

Mathletics also requires a modern browser or app from the Android or Apple app stores. One tip when navigating the website is to avoid pressing your browser’s ‘back’ button. Rather use Mathletics own buttons within the webpage.

Mathletics Website