Physical Education

Physical Education

Our Ethos

At Wickham Market Primary we believe Physical Education is about offering every child the opportunity to achieve, succeed and compete. We see Physical Education as being vital in supporting their general health, fitness and wellbeing. Children should be given the opportunities to compete in and enjoy a range of sporting activities which will instil respect and teamwork.

At Wickham Market we want Physical Education to be fun and exciting as well as inspiring the children to want to engage in competitive sport. The children will be encouraged to lead healthy and active lives, with the opportunity to participate in at least 2 hours of physical education per week; many of which will be competitive.

Timetable of events 2017-18

This year we are pleased to say there will also be academy tournaments in cricket and archery! In July staff from across the academy gave up two and a half days to attend archery training and are all feeling very keen to start delivering it to the children!


PE and Sports Grant 2019-20



Wickham Market Primary School Sports Premium Money 2017-18

Y6 2017-18 Swimming

Y6 2018-19 Swimming