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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Statement


At Wickham Market Primary School, our curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm for learning, to ensure achievement and to support pupil well-being and happiness; PSHE is at the heart of our curriculum. Our aims are to ensure that our pupils experience a wide breadth of study and have, by the end of each key stage, long term memory of an ambitious body of knowledge.

It provides opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners, with high aspirations, who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. Cultural capital gives our students the vital background knowledge required to be informed and thoughtful members of our community who understand and believe in British values.

Our foundation curriculum distinguishes between subject topics and threshold concepts. Subject topics are the specific aspects of subject knowledge that are studied. Threshold concepts tie together topics into meaningful schema. The same concepts are explored in a wide breadth of topics. Through this revisiting of threshold concepts pupils return to the same concepts over and over and gradually build an understanding of them. For each of the threshold concepts the three milestones provide a progression model.

Curriculum drivers shape our curriculum breadth. They are derived from an exploration of the backgrounds of our pupils, our beliefs and values. They are used to ensure we give our pupils ambitious curriculum opportunities.


What drives our school curriculum?

Our Curriculum Drivers  (click on the link)