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Wickham Market Primary School

Opportunity and enrichment for pupils and staff

School Values

Respect, Resilience, Independence and Curiosity

We have recently reviewed our values as a school. The School Council looked at all our Character Matters vocabulary and decided on the four most important words that will reflect our school and all we embody. The children then went on to sort the other words into categories that could demonstrate the 4 main values. 


Respect - Listening, Empathy, Gratitude, Humility, Team Work, Volunteering, Kindness.

Resilience - Optimism, revising and improving, self- efficacy, Perserverance.

Independence - Communicating, Confidence, Managing Impulsivity, Concentration, Integrity, Co-operation, Enthusiasm.

Curiosity - Reasoning, Problem Solving, Questioning, Imitation, Making Links, Imaginative.


As a school we refer to our character vocabulary during the school day and we are starting to focus on our four main values. 


The children embody many of the words in their every day learning, support in the community and volunteering for positions of responsibility across the school.

Our Vision

Our vision centres on the child.

The way we ensure everything centres on the child is through our core values:

Collaboration; Diversity; Responsibility, Enrichment, Inclusion and willingness to question perceived norms.

We believe that this enables children to excel in whatever they do.

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