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Forest School


Forest School is an innovative and inspiring approach to learning and development which offers children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences during regular forest school sessions.

Forest School provides opportunities for individuals to grow in confidence and independence in special woodland settings, where they are supported in their development by qualified Forest School Practitioners.

The Forest School ethos fundamentally acknowledges individual learning processes by supporting participants at their own pace and following their lead as they explore a safe and stimulating environment full of sensory diversity and variability.



How does Forest School support learning?

What makes forest school distinct from other education approaches is its focus on repeat visits to the same woodland site, and focus on small achievable tasks to ensure that the experience is enabling. During sessions different learning styles can be fully supported, exploration and play are encouraged, and teamwork and co-operation are nurtured. Participants develop and nurture respect and responsibility for themselves, other people and the environment in a truly empowering experience, which is also exciting, healthy and fun!

It is possible to make numerous links with Forest School and the whole curriculum. It provides many opportunities for speaking and listening, an important part of the literacy curriculum; as well as many practical mathematics opportunities, for example.

Woodlands are a fantastic learning environment: they are robust, resource-rich, sheltered, often close to local communities, and constantly changing, providing an exciting place to learn.

Pupils having fun in the schools on site Forest School