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Wickham Market Primary School

Opportunity and enrichment for pupils and staff

Opening Times

Structure of the School Day 

The school opens for 'Breakfast Club' 8:00 am
Playground open to parents and children 8:40 am
Start of school day and registers open 8:50 am
1st morning session (Phonics, Guided Reading, Spelling) 9:00
2nd morning session 2 9:40
Morning Break 10:40
3rd morning session 11:00 am
Lunchtime 12:00 pm
Assembly 1:00 pm
Afternoon Session 1:20 pm
Year 1 and 2 will have an afternoon break of approx. 15 minutes  
End of school day 3:20
Flexi-Club Ends 5:00



The organisation of learning in the morning and afternoon sessions are to the discretion of the class teachers under the guidance of the Headteacher to ensure full curriculum coverage. It is normally expected that Literacy and Numeracy focused sessions are taught in the morning and the Foundation Subjects in the afternoon however we do support cross-curricular learning in Literacy and Numeracy at Wickham Market Primary School and this may present different opportunities.