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School Logo

Wickham Market Primary School

Opportunity and enrichment for pupils and staff

Who’s Who

Meet the Staff:


Avocet Academy Staff


Mrs C Singleton

Executive Principal

Mrs J Stanley-Bell


Mrs J Porter-Hardy


Mrs N Legh-Smith



Wickham Market Primary School Staff


Mrs H Murray

Teaching Staff


Mrs J Harris / Mrs C Curry


Year 1

Mr A Humphrey

Year 2

Mrs Y Elvin / Mrs C Pestell


Year 3

Mrs R Johnson

Year 5/6

Mr S Woods

Year 4/5

Mrs L Denny


Mrs J Davies

Family Welfare Officer

Mrs M Garland

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Blyth

Early Years

Miss S Crowfoot

Miss J Downes

Early Years

Mrs S Draper

Year 3

Miss J Grundy

Year 2

Mrs C Heeley

Year 1

Miss J Lewthwaite
Mrs C Lillistone

Mrs M Rose

Early Years

Mrs J Rusling

Early Years

Miss T King

Mrs L Wishon

Year 2


Office Staff

Mrs S Hubbard

Breakfast, Kitchen and Lunchtime Teachers

Mrs D Coles

Mrs A King

Mrs T Knights

Miss K Smith