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Our Fantastic Trim Trail

We are pleased to announce that our PTA were able to secure a grant to replace out current Trim Trail. Our new Trim Trail has now been installed and looks fantastic! 

The new Trim Trail includes this amazing range of equipment: 

  • Climbing Poles
  • Stepping Logs
  • Net Traverse
  • Mini Balance Beam
  • Parallel Rope Traverse
  • Swinging Log Traverse
  • Log Weaver
  • Tightrope Bridge
  • Walk and Stretch
  • Rope Swing Traverse
  • Climbing Wall

The children now have a fantastic Trim Trail with a good range of equipment for imaginative play and physical development. Our children will be developing their key physical skills including balance, lower and upper body strength, hand strength, core stability, coordination and gross motor skills.

For this project, we worked with Pentagon Play who design and install outdoor learning environments for schools and nurseries.

You can visit their website here –